Entry Example 1

Singapore is a multi-racial society and a safe place to live. From young, we as a nation of Chinese, Indians, Malays and Eurasians foster national pride by singing the National Anthem and recite the National Pledge everyday. As a nation, we celebrate a variety of cultural and national holidays like National Day, Total Defense Day, Christmas, Vesak Day, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. We also honour festivities like Deepavali and Moon Cake festival, creating awareness as well as respect for the traditions and customs of the different ethnic races around us. Singlish, a way of speaking unique to us Singaporeans, is a mix of English with the many dialects from different races in Singapore. Everyday in Singapore, life is hectic, and we have developed from a small fishing village to a world-class city with a great economy, stable government and highly capable armed forces. Changi Airport, the Esplanade, Sentosa Island, and the Singapore Zoological Gardens are just a few of the national treasures we call our own. With our citizens as our only natural resource, we are a competitive people, always afraid to lose out and striving to be better. That’s what makes us Singaporeans.


This entry is filled with facts and figures, and historical trivia. Basing our ideas on accurate information is good, but we should also be specific in how and why we can keep Singapore strong, together. Also, notice how the information here is not very visual ; it is difficult to imagine what this would look like on screen.