Entry Example 2

The fusion foods, crazy personalities and many more make us singaporean. A special citizen of a very special country where everybody is one and equal. This metropolis state, cosmopolitian city and vibrant city make us who we are. We bond together and make friends regardless of race or religion. We even protect each other in times of need. Nothing makes us more unique, nothing makes us more Singaporean. No one can tear us apart, nothing can break this bond made of impenetrable steel. Many don’t understand, maybe they just don’t know that this actually exists within them. When one day they do know, they will appreciate this and treasure it even more.


This entry is filled with “ra-ra” : stuff that is encourging and “feel good”. But sadly, that is all there is. There are no actual ideas, stories, or examples of how and why we can keep Singapore strong, together. Also, notice how the information here is not very visual ; it is difficult to imagine what this would look like on screen.