Entry Example 3

We are like eyelids, protecting Singapore like eyelids protect the eye. We defend our nation from threats and dangers just like the eyelid protects the eye from irritation or drying. The eye is very important to provide vision and these visions create a brighter future just as Singapore has vision (farsighted) to build a better nation. However, to have vision, a leader is needed to guide us through our journey to this brighter future. That’s where Singaporeans come in because we all have capabilities to be leaders of the future. Since we are eyelids, EYE LID (I lead).

Singapore is not resistant to diseases just like eyes get irritated when eyelashes enter the eye. Tears of sadness represent the people we have lost to these diseases and threats. But when we forget to protect Singapore, it is as though we forget to blink. Like our eye when it is exposed to dust, Singapore would also be exposed to threats and prone to danger. We’ll lose more tears just like we’ll lose more people. Tears of joy represent the people who make their mark beyond the shores of Singapore because we are proud to see them strive to greater heights.

Sometimes we are blinded by competition and ambition because we are too focused on getting ahead that we are unable to open our eyes up to different possibilities that we are missing out on, We shouldn’t EYE other people’s possessions and skills and focus on our own abilities so that we can improve and make Singapore a stronger place. We may be blinded by our differences to the point that we don’t see when we are hurting other people. We need to retain our racial harmony to live in peace like the retina retains light.

(this story couldn’t be any cornea)


This entry is extremely corny (as if it wasn’t already obvious, the writers tried to point this out at the end). This is because this idea is told using puns and words associated with “eye”. This naturally makes it fun, or funny.

It clearly explains why the similarities between the Total Defence message and the “eye” puns are meaningful. This concept is also highly visual; we can easily imagine the things written here being turned into pictures on the screen.

This entry, like the rest, had a lot to be improved on, but it ultimately made its way into the Top 10. The “eye” concept remained as the “packaging” (or the identity) of the final animation.