Entry Example 4

Times were hard when our forefathers stepped ashore, they laid down the first puzzle piece. the desire to work hard, to strive and achieve, to build a better life. Making Singapore was not easy, a nation born from separation rather than unity. Our nation was a jigsaw puzzle with no corner pieces, no things set for us, we could only start from the middle of it, and venture into the unknown, with our desire to strive as the core. There, from the centre of the never-ending board it grew and grew, generation after generation, determined to develop it. We are the pieces of this never ending puzzle. Though sometimes wrong pieces collided, through determination and hard work the pieces fit together like hand and glove. What we do not have, others do, by sharing we came together, strong as one, and fought for things we loved and treasured. The holes in us, can only be filled by those around us. We had no things set for us – no boundaries. Unlike other puzzles, we, Singaporeans, our pieces, never stops fitting together and growing, just like how the Singapore story never ends.
We plan to use stop motion and digital animation to present this story.


This entry is written in a way that is clear, interesting, and highly visual. We can immediately understand why the “puzzle” concept was used to tell the Total Defence message. A couple of really impressive bits were:

1. “… a jigsaw with no corner pieces… ” : reminds us of the irregular outline of Singapore, or limitless potential for growth.

2. “… we could only start from the middle of it…” : just like how our forefathers had to jump straight into building our nation.

This entry, like the rest, had a lot to be improved on, but it ultimately made its way into the Top 10. The “puzzle” concept remained as the “packaging” (or the identity) of the final animation.