How To Submit Your Stories

Click here to start your registration process.

Important Note:

  1. To save your registration, you will need to provide at least:
    • your school
    • your choice of public story clinic
    • team leader’s particulars
  2. To complete your registration, you will need to provide at least:
    • your school
    • choice of public story clinic
    • three (3) member’s particulars
    • one (1) complete story idea
  3. You can login with your team username and password to make changes or complete your registration anytime before 16 Aug 2016 (Tue)


Step 1 – Select your school from the drop-down list and click on “Next Step”

annoPage School


Step 2 – Give your team a suitable name and a password on this page and click “Next Step”

annoPage Team Info


Step 3 – Fill up your team members particulars and select a public story clinic session on this page and click “Next Step”

annoPage Particulars


  • You can change your team name at this page (subject to availability)
  • Do verify that you have selected the correct school and the teacher-in-charge on our record is reflected correctly. If there was a change in teacher-in-charge, do click on “Contact the admin” to provide us the new teacher’s particulars
  • The public story clinic session are free consultation sessions where our experience instructors are on site to provide advice to help you develop your story further
  • Maximum number of members per team is four (4)


  • A 4-member team will have a 33% production capacity advantage over a 3-member team. Do form 4-member teams where possible


Step 4 – Submit your stories on this page and click “Save”

annoPage Story Submission abrev


  • You can save your registration without any stories idea
  • You can select one or more or all the total defence pillars where applicable
  • A complete story idea consist of a title, a tagline, a synopsis of the story and the total defence pillar(s) that the story idea is related to
  • Maximum number of story idea that can be submitted per team is five (5)


  • The more story ideas you submit, the higher chance for your team to get a coveted spot in the top 100 teams
  • The average number of stories submitted by the teams who eventually made it to the Top 10 in N.E.mation! 10 was 2 (where the maximum number of stories allowed in past seasons was only 3)


Step 5 – Review your registration

Registration Saved


  • Take note of your team username and password
  • Your registration is only considered complete when all 3 check boxes have a “tick” on them at this page.
  • You can “log in” again to make amendments to your registration anytime before 16 Aug 2016 (Tue)