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Week 2 Day #1

Hey!!I’m Travis(only guy here) Today,We finished parts of the scenes in our animation. We also did part of the total defence logo we’re creating(check our instagram @asdfg_jss for more updates) For lunch,Joveen and Celeste bought sushi,Ying Ying bought noodles and … Continue reading

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summary of week 1!1!!

Hello this is ying2 and here’s the summary of what i did/learnt/felt so far throughout this one week of production!!!🙊🙊 1)I drank a lot of milo and ate a lot of london choco roll with the white icing because it … Continue reading

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Celeste’s Reflection What I learnt from Day 1 of NE10: It is actually possible for me to wake up before 6am without cursing It takes 10 minutes for me to take the bus to Lakeside MRT Station It takes 45 … Continue reading

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NEmation10 ASDFG!!

Helluu we are Team ASDFG from Jurong Secondary School!! Our team compromises of 4 members (left to right): Joveen, Celeste, Ying Ying and Travis 😀 Ying Ying: Our team leader!! Celeste: in charge of English and fun fact, she is … Continue reading

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